At Butterfly 73, we welcome fashionable and clean night life attire and to an extent allow high end/designer street and urban wear.

We consider ourselves a premium late night venue and as such enforce a strict dress code and grooming standards. The following dress code applies to Fridays and Saturdays.

Patrons may be refused entry if door staff and security deem an outfit too casual.

Play it safe – Look your best.

The following is considered unacceptable:
* T-shirts with offensive designs/words or fight brands
* Male shorts, singlets, tank-tops and unenclosed footwear
* Male heavy jewellery or chains.
* Active sporting attire and active sports shoes
* Fancy dress, hats, caps or bandanas (exemptions may apply for specific events and functions)
* Baggy or loose fitting jeans.
* Uncovered face or neck tattoos
* Rat tails and mullets

The following dress may be refused entry if too casual:
* “Hoodies” (hooded jumpers or t-shirts)
* Sports sneakers.

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